Spring Advanced Mountain Bike Program: 3 Stage & Kolapore Uplands- SATURDAYS


Ages: 11 - 16

Advanced 5-Week Program 


  • Saturday, May 6 - 3 Stage Mountain Bike Area
  • Saturday, May 13 - 3 Stage Mountain Bike Area
  • Saturday, May 27  - 3 Stage Mountain Bike Area
  • Saturday, June 3 - Kolapore Uplands
  • Saturday, June 10 - 3 Stage Mountain Bike Area

10 am to 12pm

Our 5-week Advanced Mountain Bike Program is designed for experienced riders who want to get to the next level of expertise on the trails! Learning bike handling skills; building physical fitness; developing a positive attitude. Participants must-have bikes with a minimum of 26” wheels and a minimum of front suspension. This program will focus on honing each individual’s mountain biking skills through intense rides that cover long distances. Each participant will have coaching to meet their needs. Riders must be able to ride at an advanced level. 

This 2-hour session will have a 45-minute lesson and the remaining time will be spent completing drills and focusing on newly learned skills while riding on the trail systems.

In addition to reviewing intermediate MTB skills, this program will teach the following specific skills:
  • Navigating advanced technical sections through Eyesite control, fine braking, and ratcheting
  • Learning to choose the right trails for the participants' skill level in Three-Stage and Kolapore Uplands
  • Descending steep sections
  • Bike Mechanics on the Trails
  • Climbing techniques
  • Accelerating around corners through weight shifting and pumping
  • Weight distribution for speed control and acceleration
  • Safety at higher speeds


3 Stage Mountain Bike Area
Pretty River Provincial Par
k635401 2 Line
The Blue Mountains
Corner of 2nd Line and 6 Sideroad, Blue Mountains
Note: Meet at the corner of 6 Sideroad and 2nd line (east of Gibraltar)

Kolapore Uplands
495445 County Road 2
Ravenna, ON

Note: Meet in the main parking lot on Grey Road 2 south of Ravenna, 1.5 km south on Grey Road 19



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