Learn to ride a 2-wheeler through to advanced Mountain Biking Programs

Kids and bikes: It's magic! Rad Adventures teaches skills that last a lifetime. We have programs for ages 4 -13.


"We are so grateful for Rad Adventures.  My ten-year-old has mountain  biked with family and friends for years and enjoyed himself, but after one session with Rad Adventures his abilities and enthusiasm went absolutely through the roof. The instructors are so full of positive energy, tips/tricks, and motivation --- and so honestly stoked  to be out there with the kids.  My son looks forward to class every  week, and the parents look forward to him coming home so absolutely  pumped about mountain biking.   Rad Adventures is the best!"

Kristin Gail Schnelten, Thornbury


"Amazing program. My son was in the beginner/intermediate program and loved it!! Thank you for teaching my son to love riding. We will definitely register again."

Shelley Hyland, Collingwood


"Rad Adventures has an amazing program! It really is special.

My son enjoyed each and every ride. Rad Adventures made a difference in his confidence in biking!

Thanks for creating fun and memorable bike routes!"

Leslie Smejkel, Collingwood


“Hi, just wanted to thank you for accommodating us last minute. It was an excellent experience with Suzy who knew exactly how to handle Jaime who was a little anxious and reluctant. Both kids are very excited to hit the trails. She was superb! Have a great rest of season.”

Gaye Lefrevbre, Oakville

"Finally! A mountain bike program close to home. My daughter loved  getting out with  RAD adventures each week. It was great peace  of mind knowing she was in good hands and not only learning the trails  and rider safety...but also trail etiquette! Way to go guys. Awesome  program. Highly recommended."

--- Juliet Tanas, Squamish, BC


“Thanks Rad Adventures! My son absolutely loves the program and continues to build his confidence and skills with you guys. He's now my personal bike instructor.” 

Deb Lee, Craigleith

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Meet some of Our 2019 instructors

Ryan Markham



Ryan Markham travelled the world competing as a Freeski athlete and today he is head of his program at Alpine ski club. Ryan is a dad, sauna-enthusiast, and entrepreneur who lives in Collingwood and can often be found inspiring his two young girls to love the sport of mountain biking. Ryan will be competing in the Red Bull pump track world championships in Nanaimo, BC this summer, and will otherwise be heading up the operations of Rad Adventures this year, focusing on safety, fun, confidence-building and skill and love-of-the-sport-development in Collignwood, Thornbury and our local forests. 

Suzy Sheppey



Suzy Sheppey is a mom, XC skier and mountain bike instructor, DH & XC, who has been riding bikes and teaching kids and adults how to properly rip on a mountain bike and truly enjoy the trails for many years. Inspiring to both girls and women, Suzy also runs Monkeynastix, a program aimed at keeping younger kids active and healthy. Suzy can often be found ripping three stage andother epic MTB destinations.

Jason DeHetre



Jason DeHetre is a youth leader, mountain biker, and all-round super guy who lives in Collingwood with his wife and four girls. Jason started as a volunteer with Rad Adventures and was so good we hired him as an instructor. Jason can often be found riding the local forests with his family or inspiring the youth at St. Mary’s Church.

Greg Genoe


  Greg Genoe has been riding and loving mountain biking for over 22 years. He lends his expertise to customers of Squire Johns and his favorite days are spent biking with his wife and son. Greg lives in Collingwood and is an active member in the local mountain bike community.

Colin Field


  Colin field is a photographer, writer and editor; skier, mountain biker and VW van enthusiast who lives in Clarksburg. When not ripping Clendennan Dam ("C-stage") with his son Taj, Colin can be found at legendary local haunts photographing the coolest stuff you can

possibly imagine.

Andy Lansdale


  Andy Lansdale lives in Thornbury with his wife and two kids and has been chasing his 11-year-old son Alisdair around on a mountain bike ever since Alisdair joined the Rad Adventures program. After 25 years, Andy finally has bought a new mountain bike.