Cancellation Policy

For our Weekly Programs and Summer Camps, our Cancellation Policy is as follows:

 Up to 21 days after your purchase (but not within 14 days of the start date -- see below), you may cancel your registration and receive a 100% refund, or a 100 % credit towards a future program, valid for one year. Credits can be transferable between participants in the same family. 

  • Up to 14 days before the start date, you may cancel your registration and receive a 100 % credit towards a future program, valid for one year. Credits can be transferable between participants in the same family. 
  • Within 14 days of the start date, there are no refunds or credits for cancellation.
  • $35.00 administration fee will be charged for refunds.
  • If you would like to switch the day your child is registered for (i.e. switch from Tuesdays to Saturdays for example), we will do our best to accommodate, but any switches are subject to availability and numbers/staffing.

We thank you for understanding!

Make up days

If a camp or program day is scheduled, our team ensures our equipment and coaches are ready and waiting, regardless of whether a participant is able or unable to attend. For the sake of all participants, we strive to maintain good participant/coach ratios. Therefore, we are unable to offer make-up days or credits for days missed by a participant.

Rain days

SPRING AND FALL PROGRAMS: If it is raining too hard for biking, or if there is a thunderstorm, we will cancel the day's program. We will make up rain days at the end of the program, on the day and at the same time as the previous weeks (i.e. if the program was on Tuesdays, the make up day will be the first Tuesday following the end of the program). SUMMER CAMP: Generally our camps run rain or shine. However if there is a thunderstorm or severe weather, we may cancel the day's camp. For a make up day, the participant can join any day of any week of the summer camp at the location of their choice. The parent/guardian must notify us by email info@radadventures.ca and let administration know which day they would like to use as a rain day. We are unable to offer refunds for rain days.

Our Three Pillars

Our Three Pillars are safety, fun, and advancing mountain biking skills among our participants.  We have a zero tolerance policy for bad behavior or non-listening to the coaches. If a participant engages in any such behavior, we will issue a warning, but if the behavior does not change, that participant will be asked to leave the program.



We are cautiously offering our programs and summer camps


· Parents and youth to perform their own bike and equipment check before each class. As always, this will reduce the chance of mechanicals and incidents during the ride, which may require our coaches to touch their equipment or may require help from other people. 

· Parents clean and sanitize bikes and equipment before attending classes.

· Pick-up and Drop off – Parents please park and least 5 meters apart from each other in the parking lot.

· We strongly recommend packing hand sanitizer in back packs along with a face mask.

· REMIND children to take it easy and ride within their limits! This is not the time to have an accident. 

Rad Adventures responsibilities during COVID 19.

We will keep group sizes small, and comply with the direction from the local Health Unit. This will help reduce the chance of transmitting or catching virus and will help maintain social distancing.

Rad Adventures Coaches will focus on keeping the children at least 6ft (2m) apart

· We will take regular breaks

· We will practice physical distancing measures through games and drills; make it part of the fun to learn about how and why they need to respect each other's space during COVID-19.

· We will remind the children to wash or sanitize their hands after using the restroom, sneezing, and coughing, and before eating.

· Coaches are required to carry gloves and a mask in their First Aid kits.

· We will instruct all participants to not touch another person's bike, equipment, food, or water and to maintain social distancing measures at all times.

· In the event that coaches have to touch a participant's bike to help set-up or repair, they will sanitize the bike first and wear a mask. 

· All participants should wash their bikes and equipment thoroughly after each ride. 

· If a participant/guest shows up with signs of sickness, we will turn them back home and ask them to seek medical advice.

Do not attend Rad Adventures MTB program, if you:

o Feel ill or have COVID-19 symptoms, no matter how minor.

o Have been in contact with a sick person within the last 14 days.