Our Kinder Camp is perfect for kids ages 4-6. Kinder bike riders are young children who are in the early stages of learning how to ride a bike. They are developing basic cycling skills, building confidence, and exploring the joy of riding on two wheels.


Our beginner camp is best suited for riders who are new to the sport and have limited experience in riding off-road trails. The rider is still developing their skills as well as confidence, they may require more time and practice to become comfortable riding on off-road trails.


An intermediate bike rider has progressed beyond the beginner level and has developed skills and experience in mountain biking. They are comfortable riding on a variety of terrains, including singletrack trails, some technical sections, can navigate through obstacles such as rocks, roots and small drops with confidence. It is recommended (but not a pre-requisite) that participants have a light-weight bike with shocks. Can be able to ride more than 10 Kms.


For this program, participants must have a lightweight, quality bike and must be able to keep up with a fast-moving group. An advanced mountain biker is a highly skilled and experienced rider who has a good understanding of bike handling skills, physical fitness, trail knowledge, and a passion for pushing the boundaries of their abilities. Can easily ride more than 15 kms.


Watch your teenager’s confidence, perspective, maturity and growth soar as they expand their comfort zone, learn new skills, develop independence, and learn to motivate and lead others, work as a team and foster cooperation.

Participants in this program will learn leadership fundamentals including trip and activity planning, risk management, safety, group management, conflict resolution skills, communication and persuasion skills, and teaching basic first aid on trails.

If you are unsure what type of bike to purchase for your child, please visit a local bike store or you can contact the office and we will be happy to help!


Note: Little Ed's Bike Shop offers 10% off their bike tune-up's for kids that are enrolled in a Rad Adventures program.

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