Stayner Summer Mountain Bike Camp

Week of Camp:  

August 6th to August 9th (4 Day Camp)

Time: 9:00 am to 3:30 pm

Ages: 6 to 12

LOCATION: Centennial/Kinsmen Park. 240 Brock Street Stayner  


Campers must be able to ride a bike on their own. Beginner/Intermediate Riders

Camp Description:
Rad Adventures Camp is about building confidence on a bike — and having a ton of fun! This program teaches beginner and intermediate mountain bike skills, with a focus on building mountain bike skills, safety and knowledge. We combine a mix of activities that support overall health, wellness and fitness. We will ride bikes, play field games and go swimming.

Expect Your Child to Learn:
  • Proper riding techniques, brake usage, cornering, where to look while riding, tackling terrain
  • Practice their skills and try out rad jumps on our signature Radtrax ramps
  • Basic mechanic skills - how to put a chain back on, how to fix a flat tire, use tools and adjust components
  • Nature and forest values
  • Road and trail etiquette and safety
  • That mountain biking is a sport that will keep them healthy, happy and strong their entire lives!
If you are unsure what type of bike to purchase for your child, please visit a bike store that specifically sells quality bikes. Note: Little Ed's Bike Shop offers 10% off their bikes and tune ups for who kids are enrolled in a Rad Adventures program!
Read more about what to expect in our handy PARENT'S GUIDE.


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